Garden & Yard Games

Wrought Iron Shepherd Hooks Set/10


Sturdy set of hooks that look lovely with flowers as pew markers or background decor.

4 sets available

$10 Set/10

Metal Shepherd hooks Light Set/15


A lighter version of the Shepherd Hooks. A great choice for tulle ribbons or bows to line your aisles.

$7 Set/15

Garden String Lights


 Outdoor industrial style string lights. Each string measures 48 ft. long

4 strings available


Wisteria Stems set/10


Beautiful draping florals to add to vases, pots or across the top of your arbour.

30 white, 20 pink, 10 purple, 10 lime green

$5.00 set/10 

Floral Garden LOVE Letters


How beautiful are these for your Garden Wedding or in front of your head table?? Handcrafted large wooden letters filled with neutral  white and blush silk flowers and greens. 

27" high and 8 feet long


Yard Games



Large Domino Tiles - A fun game for all ages


Giant Jenga


Solid wood over-sized Jenga yard game. 

The carrying box becomes the stand.




A larger version of the ever so popular Yahtzee board game. This one is fun for both kids and adults alike.

Includes dice, score card and basket.

2 Available


Mr. & Mrs. Bean Bag Toss


A perfect addition to your garden wedding. Be sure your guests are having fun until the Reception begins!


Ring Toss


Reminds you of the old carnival games. This set includes all the Rose Gold painted bottles, the holding crate and the rope style rings.


Chunky Dice


These over-sized yard dice come with the rules to 3 fun games. Great for Weddings, Birthdays, Family Reunions or group functions


X and O's


Keep even your smallest guests entertained


Bride & Groom Bean Bag Toss




This hand painted set will entertain your guests for hours!


Giant Connect Four


Imagine how fun this could be for your Guests!

2 Available

$30 ea

The Kissing Game



Roll this big over-sized die to see who's getting the smooch!


Tic Tac Toe Toss Game


A classic with a twist! Toss your bean bags and try to get your 3 in a row. 


Washer Toss Game


Fun, easy and entertaining for both the young and old alike! Comes in this handy clip together box.

2 sets Available


New Mr & Mrs Bean Bag Toss Game


This game is fun out in the garden for all your Guests or used for a Kissing Game at the Dinner....more fun than clinking glasses!


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