Boxes & Crates

White Chalkboard Crate set/2


These handy little crates are perfect for your reception programs, bathroom refresher kits, dance floor flip flops...the options are endless!

$6 pr.

Kaye's Crates


Create a stunning centerpiece, stack for desserts, use for Programs, Flip Flops, or background decor. These are beautiful handmade boxes from my dear friend Kaye, that offer so many uses. Only limited by your imagination.

20 Available

$5 ea.

Set/5 Espresso Crates


This set/5 crates includes 1 large, 2 medium, 1 small and a tray.

Add that rustic charm to any of your displays . The crates easily stack to create height and interest!

3 sets Available

$18 ea.